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We offer general excavation services for any project you have, providing high-quality residential and commercial Bristol excavation for all your needs. Whether you are seeking to install a patio, deck, retaining wall, or require trenching services, you can be confident that our industry experts are ready to handle the task at hand. Regardless of what you  are looking for, you can depend on our specialized excavating contractors to continuously bring you the highest level of quality, attention to detail, and professionalism on each task.

We also offer landscape construction, parking lot alterations and additions, regrading, and conduit installation. From site preparation to precision grading, our land clearing contractors will create a space you can feel comfortable building on. Having a solid foundation is the key to to long-lasting structures.

CT Excavating

When your project requires excavation services to prepare for building, trenching, driveways, general dirt work, or material transporting, call our company. Desmarais Property Maintenance is a well-known excavating company with a team of professionals to help you with your projects. We have the appropriate equipment to dig up and transport large and heavy items like soil, rocks, and construction materials during any job.  Our Bristol excavation services ensure that your land is ready for new projects. We’ve got a team of professionals who work efficiently to clear your entire property using the skills of our land clearing services.

It is important to find a trustworthy company when you are in need of earth moving services. A seemingly small accident can become a huge problem very quickly. Ensuring all tasks are performed correctly is our goal and we will provide you with an excellent site to build on. We’re among the leading construction companies in CT for foundation grading and site work. To discover more about our services, give us a call or fill out an online quote request form. We will get in touch and schedule a time for one of our CT excavating contractors to look at your project. Whether you’re looking for regrading, compaction and backfill, retaining wall preparation or need drainage, we’ve got the tools to get the job done.

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Land Clearing Contractors

Owning the equipment does not make you an expert, so make sure the company you choose is a proven professional. They may have the equipment to move the boulders and trim the trees etc., but that doesn’t mean they will do so safely and efficiently. When you hire experienced and reliable land clearing contractors like us, you can breathe easy knowing that we’ve got the necessary knowledge to clean a job site thoroughly and grade it with the specification you need.

Our CT excavating services are comprised of trimming trees and brush, stone removal, landscape reconstruction, sitework and regrading. When we are finished, what was once a rocky and overgrown terrain is converted into a blank canvas where you can create your masterpiece. If you are overwhelmed with the brush clearing or reconstruction necessary on your property, give us a call! Our friendly land clearing and CT landscape architect professionals are ready to help you transform your property! When you select our business to help you clear your land, you will receive the best our company has to offer. We pride ourselves on our customer service and exceptional service. We are among the most reliable construction companies in CT and will provide you with the best customer service and care possible. If you are looking for a company you can rely on, pick up the phone today to give us a call!

Our CT excavation company provides you with great service at competitive rates, which is why so many people call us! Our team of experienced landscapers will be sure to go above and beyond to provide satisfactory results. We provide no obligation estimates free of charge for you, so you can feel confident before moving forward. Desmarais Property Maintenance has all the essential resources for handling any job. If you’ve been looking for someone to help with with landscape reconstruction don’t waste anymore time and give us a call today!