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Bristol CT Leaf Pickup

Did you know that one oak tree can leave thousands of leaves on your lawn? Cut out the stress of raking that comes with autumn and save some time. Desmarais Property Maintenance offers premium leaf removal services that will alleviate the problem quickly. Additionally, your yard will thank you when springtime comes because the leaves have been properly disposed of.

Allowing fallen leaves to stay in your yard for a long time can suffocate your grass, preventing it from getting proper nourishment. These leaves limit sunshine and reduce water evaporation. Conditions like this can encourage mold and fungus to grow, or introduce diseases to your grass. When you allow leaves to sit for too much time, you can end up accidentally killing your lawn and needing to reseed the whole thing.

Wet leaves are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can cause further issues. Are you fed up spending all your free time raking leaves in the fall? Don’t worry, we are here for you! Our leaf removal and Bristol CT leaf pickup services will clear your yard of leaves and sort them into piles. After we have cleared your whole lawn of leaves, we vacuum the piles until your property is clear. We always leave your property and street free of leaves. Because leaves can return quickly, we offer options for our continuous leaf removal service. We have several choices, which means you can choose the best bundle for your property. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our leaf removal service. Our leaf pickup Bristol CT service is just one of the numerous lawn care maintenance services our business has. Contact us now to set up all your property maintenance services!

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Leaf Pickup Bristol CT

bristol leaf pickupWhether fall is upon us or a massive storm has blown debris across your lawn, we can remove the mess that the trees have left behind with our fast and affordable leaf removal and leaf pickup Bristol CT service. Leaf removal can be a time consuming and tiring task, but it does not have to be! Our lawn care professionals can have your property picked up quickly without you even needing to grab a rake. Maintaining your property and removing all leaves and sticks will help boost the curb appeal and improve your house’s value. During the autumn and winter season, fallen leaves can cover your yard, which could be a huge issue for other plants and grass. The leaves and sticks can cover the lawn and block the sunshine they need to grow. They could also suffocate the grass and other plants, making your yard look lifeless.

Piles of leaves on your landscape also make your property look unkept and messy. While wet leaves on sidewalks and driveways can be a slip hazard and must be removed to keep you and your visitors safe. You might even find rodents living in those leaf piles. These pests can carry diseases and induce damage to your property and home. Keeping your property clean and clear helps prevent these pests from making themselves at home. Although most leaf removal happens during the autumn and winter period, some properties require year-round Bristol CT leaf pick up due to the kinds of trees. If this is true for your yard, don’t hesitate to ask, even if you require additional cleanup after a storm. Desmarais Property Maintenance is sure to be there when you need us, give us a call today!